Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Diamonds Jewelry

While platinum ring instantly from Replica Cartier Jewelry fine jewelry, designer captures the bird spreading its wings through natural form coherent lines to outline the wings, ring name Replica Cartier Love Bracelet.
In order to render the birds in the air, light and gesture, the ring using hollow design, more light can be refracted through a diamond color of fire. Replica Cartier Love Bracelet attempts with minimal gold inlaid precious stones to avoid the cold metal temperament weakened feather soft gentle texture.
Replica Cartier Jewelry designer Raphael Canot think, Pear-Cut is the most feminine gem cutting mode, so the main stone of this piece is a pear-shaped diamond, the wings on both sides alternately insert different shapes of diamonds, such as brilliant cut, pear cut and baguette cut, slim wings adorn the sides is particularly small diamonds, creating a rich sense of depth and dimension.
Most people heart Chi extension of the whole piece of curved lines - slender wings extending autonomy to both sides of stone, gracefully maneuver to the back ring. Ring care styling also continues the smooth curve modeling, natural fit contour of the finger.

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Harry Winston collection Peacock gold necklace

Peacock Necklace

Peacock gold necklace, from Harry Winston collection
Insert a mine in 1903, Lightning Ridge black opal, weight 32 carats, surrounded by inlaid sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.
Black Opal opal is the rarest species, with rich and vibrant color change color, but black opal in the world, even its main origin in Australia have no uniform definition.
The Gemmological Association of Great Britain's accreditation standards, only body color is black, gray, and the yield from Lightning Ridge opal mine in Australia to be known as the Black Opal.
In 1873, Lightning Ridge black opal mined first appeared in written records in, but until 1903, people realized that this is a precious gem. Compared to white opal, fire opal, etc. Black Opal background are often able to bring out the color becomes more vivid, the most common of blue, green and white, with a red gem additional change color is particularly expensive.
The world's largest remaining piece of non-black opal gem cutting as "Halley's Comet Opal" mined in 1986, the same year due to the return of Halley's Comet named. Piece Black Opal from Australia Lightning Ridge mining, heavy 1982.5 kt, formed about 200,000 years ago. In 2006, "Halley's Comet Opal" price of $ 1.2 million sold.
Jewelry designers are generally black opal were arc cutting or retain their original contour, the gem itself change color as the main design. In 1953, Cartier made a gold kit is made of opal cutting geometric forms, black opal cover neatly arranged on a grid style, skillfully 71 opal has a unique blend of color change in the piece it is.

Mccaul Goldsmiths Carve Rings

Carve Rings

London jeweler Mccaul Goldsmiths has just launched a new set of rings, as "Carve" series latest work. Each one ring are hand-carved out of soft surfaces, inlaid stone master also features a unique cutting mode, this group works one piece will be unveiled at the opening of the September 30 Goldsmiths Fair.
McCaul Goldsmiths two designers --David McCaul and Barry McCaul quite good at making gold jewelry, all the works are hand-carved by wax models turn precious metal molded polished smooth lines, to conform to the wearer's body profile.
"Carve" series of precious stones inlaid with the traditional "package insert" is similar to the main stone and ring setting both to cohesion through coherent surface. Interestingly, designers inlaid claws leaving a two-sided "Ventilation" void, this asymmetry of the main stone mosaic manner even more translucent than common way, "inlaid claws," but more firm.
It is also worth mentioning that there are inlaid with precious stones in this series, in which a red tourmaline and aquamarine with a unique Marquise cut, polished facets top surface a plurality of horizontal direction, it is possible to enjoy the multiple levels of refraction glory, and the other two asymmetrical design ring inlaid multicolored triangle, inlaid claws extended in accordance with the outline of gem itself, naturally the main stone and ring setting into an organic whole.

Sotheby's jewelry auction highlights

diamonds rings

Sotheby last spring Fine Jewels just ended in London, the total turnover in this field amounted to 4.869 million pounds, the auction highlights focused on the 17th century to the early 20th century antique jewelry work, you can see the rare contemporary design in traditional jewelry processes, such as precious stones Millegrain-Set, Single-Cut diamond technology, popular in the Art Nouveau period plique-à-jour and crafts.
The majority of antique jewelry are from well-known jeweler and designer, among the highest auction price of a bracelet jewelry designer from Austria Ernst Paltscho. This piece was produced in the 1930s, using the film shape of the design, the four blue enamel "frames", each square "frame" are gems of different colors of flowers as decoration, flower core diamond embellishment places. Between "frames" with onyx and diamond ring hollow to connect, geometric modeling by the Art Deco styles.
Also you can see the Art Nouveau representative René Lalique's enamel bracelets, Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí religious theme necklaces, French jeweler Boucheron's Belle Époque style works and so on.
In addition to antique jewelry, the contemporary designer Solange Azagury-Partridge works the same concern --Mirror Ball diamond necklace with diamond beads strung together, with a Pavé setting process. And the most expensive piece of the auction lots is a simple diamond ring set with a 6.5 kt pillow-shaped diamond of E color and VS2 clarity grade, sold for 149,000 pounds.

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Elizabeth Taylor & BVLGARI jewelry collection Art Exhibition

May 29 to June 9, "Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari jewelry collection Art Exhibition" opened in Shanghai Plaza. This exhibition presents pieces that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor's precious jewels, are Bulgari in 2011, "Taylor Collection Auction" on the purchase of works from Christie's, one of the most special meaning than Taylor fifth husband Richard Burton gave her tokens of love ring.
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton maintain the longest life of a marriage, more than ten years, almost every important moment, Richard Burton will be presented a piece of jewelry as a gift to his wife. According to him, "Bulgari" Elizabeth Taylor is the only known Italian vocabulary, and Richard Burton presented every piece of jewelry is designed and manufactured by the Bulgari.
And Richard Burton during the 1962 filming with Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor frequented by Bulgari in Rome's stores. So Richard Burton gave Taylor a mosaic of 7.4 kt Bulgari emerald ring, two of the romance began.
Burton to Taylor's wedding gift is a gift set with 16 emerald platinum necklace from Bulgari's. In 1966, Elizabeth Taylor by virtue of the "Yan brothel prostitutes," won the Oscar for best actress again, she wore at the awards ceremony is this emerald necklace.
In addition to Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor's husband also served through its Get valuable jewels. In this exhibition, you can see the Fourth International husband Eddie Fisher emerald diamond brooch, seventh husband John Warner gift Roman coins necklaces.
The movie "Cleopatra" has appeared in costumes, Bulgari style of filmmaking in Egypt handheld mirror also this exhibition debut.
The main stone is a 7.4 karats stepped octagonal emerald cut, overlaid with 12 pear-shaped diamond total weight of 5.3 kt.
This ring in 1962 produced by Bulgari, during the movie "Cleopatra" Shooting in Rome, Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor's first pieces of jewelry - is also the beginning of their romance. Since then, this superstar will often patronize Bulgari jewelry store, Richard Burton is looking for every opportunity to choose a favorite Taylor jewelry gift.

Restoring a Legacy Collection Exhibition

MFA Boston is holding "Restoring a Legacy: Rothschild Family Treasures" private collection exhibition, displaying 186 collections from the Rothschild Family, and nearly 80 have a special significance for the family of important items, the most important is Baroness Clarice de Rothschild once owned jewelry.
During World War II, the Nazis confiscated the Rothschild collection of nearly 3,500 works of art, these works of art were hidden in a salt mine in Germany, and in 1943 was found ally. The exhibition was part of the works. These works of art that once belonged to Baron Alphonse de Rothschild and his wife, Clarice, Baron granddaughter Bettina Looram them donated to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Baroness Clarice de Rothschild jewels represent the aesthetic style of European high society at the time, and one of them emerald diamond Art Deco brooch is Baron Rothschild in 1937 at the 25th anniversary wedding anniversary gift given to her.


Art Deco brooch, 1937
Two emerald mosaic, decorated with diamonds. Baron Alphonse Rothschild in 25 wedding anniversary gift to the wife Clarice.

Pearl and diamond necklace, about 1880
The use of gold and silver material production, 10 pearl inlaid necklace decorated with small diamonds.

Carnet de Bal

Carnet de Bal party roster, about 1765
The use of gold and enamel material, cover with a red onyx made possible production in the United Kingdom.

Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklace / crown, about 1920
There are nine drop-shaped pendant diamond necklace using platinum production, dotted with small diamonds.


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